Exam results are in and fresher’s week is in sight; students around the country are preparing to start or head back to university - Here is our guide to how best to move into your new student pad.


Congratulations, you’ve done the hard part, and have now collected the keys for your beautiful new home. Now, what are the little jobs people often forget, to make the first few days in your new home as stress-free as possible?

To pet, or not to pet? That is the question for many private landlords in the UK. With Labour announcing its proposed policy to allow tenants to have the default right to have a pet in a rented home, it has bought this subject of debate to the forefront of discussions between landlords and tenants nationwide.


Did you know if you are a resident of Bath you can get a Discovery Card? This card will give you a discount or free entry to several local attractions and restaurants, and thee best part? Its 100% free! Bath is full of culture, history and fun activities for all the family. With the summer holidays just around the corner, go pick up a discovery card today and start planning the summer of dreams that are just outside your doorstep.

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