As I’m sure you’ve heard in the news recently, the Government is planning to move forward with the proposed plans to ban fee’s for tenants. The legislation is still in draft form, so there is plenty of time it can still change, but here we discuss the main points.


This year we decided to deliver a Christmas fact for every day of advent. We have written this bonus blog post, in case you missed any of our videos, so here are the fun facts in all their glory! We hope you learnt a lot and will astound your family and friends with your exceptional knowledge around the dinner table this Christmas.


With the cold weather firmly settling in for the foreseeable future, now is the time to do some home-improvement to keep your home toasty throughout these winter months. Whilst it is easy to sit back and hope for the best, it is better to address issues before they become a problem; remember a lot of maintenance firms will shut early over Christmas and New Year, and it will be no fun eating your turkey in the freezing cold! So, read our top tips on keeping your home warm this winter.

You may or may not be aware of the upcoming changes that Bath and North East Somerset Council are making to Houses of Multiple Occupancy and the licencing requirements surrounding this. These changes will affect a lot more households than the previous regulations did, so properties that did not previously require HMO licensing, now will. Read on to find out how the changes will affect you. 

The countdown is on, only 12 weeks to go until Christmas Day! Whilst 3 months is plenty of time to buy all the presents, get the decorations up and prepare your best cracker joke to blow everyone around the dinner table away. 3 months is not much time at all to sell your home. Now before you start panicking, it is still possible, but you must act now. The good news is the house hunters at this time of year are usually more serious about buying, so whilst you may have fewer viewings, they will probably be more genuine. So, with that in mind, read our top tips to sell your home in time to tell Santa your new address.  


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