Our prime motivation is Excellent Customer Service
and our guiding principles are:

  • We will be reliable and give a consistent level of performance in all interactions with our clients.
  • We will be responsive to the needs of our clients providing timely and relevant services, removing any “padding “and dealing with any challenges as they occur.
  • We will be experts and build credibility and customer confidence with demonstrable knowledge of the industry, technical support mechanisms and people behaviours. We understand that customer respect needs to be earned.
  • We will be accessibility. Customers expect their problems to be solved using the medium they are most comfortable with.
  • We will be courteous, polite, respectful, friendly and considerate. These personality traits will be demonstrated at all times.
  • We will ensure that our clients feel safe in the knowledge that all possible steps will be taken to ensure total security of their information and property. It is of upmost importance to have strong data and property security policies for client peace of mind.
  • The tangibles cannot be forgotten. Personal appearance, good facilities and state of the art equipment is important to providing the best customer experience possible.

We will achieve these by:


  • Regular, two way, honest communication is vitally important.
  • Selling/buying can be a very stressful experience, so the use of a variety of communication channels will help us keep you updated on progress.
  • The communications methods will be agreed with the clients early in the process. Whatever the method agreed, regular updates will occur.

Industry Knowledge

  • The phrase “expert” is used regularly, but that is exactly what you will be getting with Aquarius Homes.
  • We pride ourselves on having the most recent and up to date knowledge of what has sold/let and for how much, what was the unique selling points of the property like yours which have sold/let in your area and what is on the market now and what the market conditions may be like in the short to medium terms.
  • Aquarius Homes offer a “one stop shop” for all requirements. If we don’t know, we feel a little embarrassed but we will go away and find out.
  • Aquarius Homes has a regular staff training policy that we believe is an industry leading programme. This covers the technical/regulatory compliance elements of the industry, social media and behavioural/soft skills.

Knowledge of people

  • Estate agency is fundamentally a people business. It is not necessarily a hard sell. It is introducing the right people to the right property and then helping with a smooth selling/buying process.
  • To support the expert technical knowledge, estate agents should be able to understand people behaviours.
  • As a close family business Aquarius Homes has set itself very high standards not only with the clear and easy to understand property processes, but delivering these with a friendly, professional attitude and with respect for the personal feelings of the people we deal with.
  • To help with delivering the personal customer service we pride ourselves in, behavioural training in an important part the ongoing team development programme.

A great network

  • As part of the “one stop shop” property service Aquarius Homes can offer, we can provide expert advice from our Chartered Surveying partners CLCS on unlocking added value in your property with potential extensions and/or conversions or “dressing”.
  • We also have trusted local tradesmen partners and access to financial advice by industry professionals to help with the smooth transition from property to property.
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