When you move into a new property you should be provided an inventory, otherwise known as a 'schedule of condition', by your landlord or letting agent. Although the inventory may be one of the most tedious documents you ever have to read, we promise it is worth your time! Our guide will explain to you the point of an inventory and how to maximise its use. 

For a landlord the inventory is one of the most important documents to have when letting out a property, it therefore always surprises me when they are not seen as very important, and not worth spending any money on gettting done properly. Our guide will explain why an inventory is so important and how to get one done right.

With summer here and the sunshine finally starting to peep its head out, we have teamed up with our friends at The Pop-Up Bar Company, for a guide to throwing the perfect summer party. Learn from the pro’s, the do’s and (more importantly) do-not’s to ensuring you’re the host with the most and throw an epic party that your guests talk about for years to come. Now, over to The Pop-Up Bar Company to get this party started!

There is an age-old myth that landlords and letting agents will do just about anything to keep hold of your security deposit, and while I’m sure this is the case with some  ‘questionable’ individuals, I’ll let you into a little secret– we want to give you as much of your deposit back as possible. Read on to find out why, and our top tips on how to recieve your full deposit back.

It’s official the Tenant Fee ban is coming into effect for any tenancies starting on or after 1st June 2019. In our blog back in January, we discussed what we knew so far on the upcoming ban in our blog, and largely not much has changed. Read on to find out about the new legisltion and how it may impact you.

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