In September, the Government launched their new £2 billion scheme to encourage homeowners to make their homes more energy efficient. The Green Homes Grant has now been extended to the end of March 2022 following the popularity of the scheme, so there’s still plenty of opportunity to benefit from it.


You’ve spent ages trawling the property portals to find your dream home, worked through the massive slog of paperwork to get it, and its finally time to pick up the keys. Now all that’s left to do is move-in - easy right? Well I’m here to dash you’re dreams and tell you that’s not the case, because no matter how organised you are, the sheer multitude of things you need to update your address on these days is overwhelming. To help out, we’ve compiled a checklist of who you need to inform with your brand spanking new address.

Biophilic interiors are the undisputed design trend of 2020, and whilst you may not have heard of the term, the basic principle is to bring nature into your home. ‘Biophilia’ meaning ‘love of nature’ suggests that humans have a genetic connection to natural settings, and seeing as our access to the outside world has been somewhat limited this year, it’s no surprise people have jumped so heavily towards this design philosophy.

With Halloween season well and truly upon us, what better time to take a tour of the beautiful county of Somerset that we call home. Steeped in history, its little wonder Somerset is full of tragic tales, spooky spiels, and apparitional anecdotes. If you love the thrill of all things paranormal and looking for your next haunted haunt to visit, here are thirteen of the most eerie locations in Somerset to explore – if you dare.

You have probably only just started University, met all your new housemates, begun discovering your new city, when the perpetual question that plagues all students rears its ugly head: when should you start looking for next year’s student accommodation? Start too early and you may rush into a decision without thinking about the consequences, leave it too late and you may be left with the accommodation no one else wanted (for a reason!). But we are here to help you tread these murky waters and enable you to strike at the best time to find your perfect housing for next year.

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