Any student that has just started at one of Bath’s two universities has a new city to call home. Bath has a lot to offer, from fantastic nightlife, delicious food, and historic hidden gems, so get out there and start exploring it all. We all know University is expensive, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get to make the most of the student experience. So, we have rounded up the best student deals in the city of Bath that we could find for 2022.

 With the release of the recent ‘A Fairer Private Rented Sector’ white paper, the Government stipulated its intention to abolish the use of section 21 grounds for eviction. This will cause a huge change in the private rented sector and may significantly overhaul the future of the system and supply of housing. So, we thought it would be interesting to look back at the history of these so called ‘no-fault’ evictions, and the positive and negative impact section 21 have had on the lettings industry in England.


The ‘fairer private rented sector’ white paper has finally been released! Commonly known as the renter’s reform bill, it has laid out the plan as to how the government hope to drastically reshape the private rented sector. The reforms supposed main aim is to make renting a fairer experience for both landlords and tenants, yet it has received criticism from both sides, by either not going far enough, or going way too far in the opposite direction. The main attention-grabbing elements that have been used by the media at large are, the end of section 21 notices, or so called ‘no-fault evictions’, and the long-awaited, legislation to not unreasonably withhold consent to allow pets in lets. However, this bill includes much more than that. Read on to find out…

If you’re thinking of entering landlord-hood or have become an ‘accidental’ landlord, then it’s imperative to have an understanding of the associated costs that may be coming your way. Whether it’s a one-off amount, or a regular monthly payment, you need to ensure that you have your finances in place accurately before you dive in headfirst. The following information is not meant to dissuade you, or dampen your ambition, but rather to prepare you for a career as a good landlord. Landlords that aren’t prepared to pay the expenses that are necessary, are doomed for failure!  Whist we can’t foresee the costs that are unpredictable, which unfortunately do rear their ugly head every so often, having a practical balance sheet of what you can expect to pay going in, will stand you in good stead to becoming a landlord supreme.


Last month, lettings legislation was updated to allow landlords and letting agents to perform right to rent checks digitally, through the introduction of the Home Office’s Identity Validation Technology (IDVT) framework. These changes bring right to rent checks for British and Irish citizens in line with the home office online service solution for EEA and non-EEA citizens, which landlords and letting agents have been asking for since the temporary remote measures were put in place due to covid. The launch of IDVT will hopefully streamline the right to rent process, reduce the need for physical documentation, and offers a remote solution for those that may struggle getting to an in-person check.

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