You’re getting ready to make the big move to university. The car is full to the brim with suitcases, boxes and bags full of everything you will ever possibly need. But you may want to do a double check after reading our list of things that no one ever remembers to pack. These items will come in handy throughout the year, we promise, and if you have already packed any of the items on our list, give yourself a point for each item you’ve remembered. Let us know how well you’ve scored over on our Instagram. We bet no one scores higher than a 3!


1.      Extension lead – It is a guarantee that there will never be enough sockets for your needs. Be ahead of the game and pack an extension lead, or two, it will be worth it. 


2.      Mini tool kit – If, like me, the first thing you do when you walk into your new residence is accidentally pull a kitchen cupboard door off the wall then you’ll be very glad to have a tool kit with you. It doesn’t have to be big, just a few essential tools that will get you through the year.


3.      Umbrella – Unfortunately the rain will follow you to university, and an umbrella is an often-forgotten item. So, pack one, and be that smug, dry person in lectures as the other students turn up drenched.


4.      Pack of cards – you will quickly become a very popular guest to have at all the pre-drink gatherings if you have a pack of cards with you.


5.      Post-it notes – The humble post-it note is the ultimate revision tool, a friendly way to leave notes for your housemates, and a pack will probably last you the entire year. Ace your assignments and become the greatest roommate, all because of a little coloured bit of paper. Easy.


6.      Tin-opener – Speaking as someone that didn’t own a tin-opener for about 6 years, they really do change your life. Tinned food without the readily attached ring-pull tend to be cheaper, and you never know when the only thing you have the energy to cook for dinner is a tin of spaghetti hoops. Do yourself a favour though and pack a good one, as they are prone to breaking easily.


7.      USB/external hard drive – Always back-up your assignments! There is nothing worse than losing a 2000-word essay 6 hours before its due in. Trust me.


8.      Tupperware – Helpful, for so many uses, pack your favourite eco-friendly version, as no one wants to have to spend their hard-earned cash on Tupperware. However, unlike the other items on this list it may be a good idea to forget to pack any, as it means you’ll just have to order a few Chinese/Indian takeaways to create a respectable supply.


9.      Pyjamas (that you’re happy for people to see you in) – if you’re in halls it’s almost a guarantee that you will have a fire drill during the first 2 weeks of university, and most probably in the middle of the night. This may because another resident is likely to do something to set the alarm off, or it may be because the University enjoys watching students suffer. Either way pack those presentable PJs and be the belle of the drill.


10.   Paracetamol – and finally, an absolute necessity for those fresher’s week hangovers! Best hangover cure is at least 1 pint of water before you go to sleep, followed by paracetamol and a bacon/fake-on sandwich when you wake up. Works without fail.


With so much to think about when starting University and the nerves that come along with, don’t stress too much about what to pack. It’s not the end of the world if you forget any of the items on our list as there will still be the same old shops and supermarkets in your new University town that you are used to at home, that you can purchase anything you have forgotten, and friends and family can post anything to you that you can’t replace. Remember, everyone will be in the same boat, so pool your resources together, share and share alike and you and your new roommates may end up with everything you will ever need to get you through your university experience.

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