A new year signifies a fresh start, and this year you may be planning to materialise that through a freshen up of your home. The interiors mood of 2023 is based on a sense of serenity, with a dose of fun, and glamour popped in for good measure. Since the pandemic, interior design has focussed on our need to connect back to nature, and the calmness and wellness that it brings, however this has evolved slowly over time to now incorporate a bit of playful positiveness, and regal grandeur we could all use in our lives. Your home is the place you want to feel tranquil and happy, so why should your interiors not mirror that.  Whether you’re planning to sell or let your home, thinking about a full transformation, or just a few minor changes, knowing the trends that will be taking the interior space by storm in 2023, may just help you make up your mind up, or offer you a new style to fall in love with.



If you wanted to define 2023 interior design in a phrase it would be ‘pure luxury’, and this is exactly what Regencycore exuberates. This opulent trend is full of intricate detailing, expressive patterns, plush fabrics, and gold accents. Catapulted into the public zeitgeist through the popularity of shows such as ‘Bridgeton’, and ‘The Crown’, this is one of the most indulgent and extravagant trends seen in years.

Regencycore pays homage to the history and antiquity of early 19th Century Britain, with the addition of whimsical aspects which modernise the look and leave you with a romantic and fun feeling aesthetic. To fully submerse yourself in regencycore you should mix an abundance of pattern and texture. Bold damask, soft botanical, and thin stripes should be used throughout the design on walls, furnishings and accessories in an intricate but not dainty way. Pair the patterns with fabrics such as plush velvet, luxe silk or regal lace, and keep the overarching colour palette softer with whites or pastels. 

Adding gold accents throughout the design, is an easy and cheap way to incorporate the trend if you’re not looking to completely redecorate. Use ornate framed mirrors, gilded picture frames and antique ornaments to add the golden hue which will elevate your interiors. To really amp up the elegance of your rooms include dark wood furniture, fine china and persian-style rugs. And don’t forget about your windows. Curtains, blinds and drapes can all be incorporated into Regencycore, the focus should be on the detailing on the window treatments. Think fringe trims, scalloped edges, and interictally shaped cornices, to keep your nosy neighbours coming back for another look at your royally outstanding design.






With the climate change emergency becoming ever more urgent, interior designers are investing in making responsible choices.  With that in mind, expect to see trends that are focused on sustainability at its core, taking parts of the already popular biophilic design, mixed with health-centric ideas to create an exciting new take on the trend in 2023.

The use of natural materials is hardly a shockingly new discovery when it comes to interior design, but sustainability-chic is getting a makeover, and in 2023, the more natural, the better. The focus is on the sensation brought by textures, and how this can improve wellbeing in a home through the material’s inherent connection to nature. Moreover, it’s the expressive character a rough stone slab, or the visual grain in an untreated piece of wood can bring into a space, each one being unique to the owner.

Designers are constantly using different materials, and cork is having a resurgence. Forget about the 1970s-bathroom floors, new wave cork is highly sustainable, insulating, durable and stylish. Aesthetically, no two pieces of cork are the same, coming in a variety of grains, textures and colours, allowing the owner to have an exclusive finish that cannot be replicated. Cork is waterproof, fire -retardant and has great acoustic attributes allowing it to be used flexibly throughout the house. This wonder material also has many health benefits - its natural anti-microbial qualities combat mould, its anti-static surface eliminates dust, making it ideal for people with allergies, and its soft surface results in less pressure for people with joint problems.

Finally, the massively popular plant trend seen since 2020 doesn’t look like it will be going anywhere anytime soon, so plant parents can breathe a sigh of relief. The new ‘it’ plants of 2023 are said to be money trees, cat palms, stringy succulents and the bird of paradise tree.




Eclectic Vintage

Mix the old with the new in 2023, by accessorising with authentic and traditional items. So, raid your grandma’s attic, Facebook marketplace, and the charity shops to find one-of-a-kind pieces that will add interest into any design. The historic nature of these items mean they can be effortlessly incorporated into a Regencycore theme, and those of you who prefer sustainability stylings, will appreciate the green-ness of recycling items, which will in turn generate a much lower carbon footprint than buying new.

The trick is to find sentimental pieces that tell a story. The meaningful heirlooms, whether that be a little gold trinket, a majestic decanter, or perfectly worn-in basket, can blend in seamlessly with the more modern staple accessories in your home, creating a unique juxtaposition that will create intrigue in your décor.




Curves in all the right places

Interiors featuring sharp, clean lines have taken centre-stage over the past decade, but sinuous shapes are set to feature at the forefront of design in 2023. The focus to softer, rounder shapes brings a sense of calm and comfort with it, creating a homely atmosphere. Curves will dominate whether that be in the build, decorative elements, furniture, or general theme of the interior.

You can’t help but relax in a space that is wrapping around you, and this cocooning is not only relaxing, but A mixture of larger, and smaller cocoons, means it will be extremely functional too. Use larger circular shapes to create a communal feel, encouraging conversation, and allowing people to feel like they are together in a space. Whilst smaller curvaceous forms will allow you to feel like you’re in a world of your own, creating a serene, spa-like environment. Imagine a room with a large circular rug in the middle and a curvy soft sofa encompassed in that. The rug is the large circle encouraging a togetherness when there is a group of people using the room, however when you are in there alone, the embracing sofa will envelope you in fluid relaxation. This effect can especially be seen in seating, with kinked and squishy shapes, which will encourage the user to lay down as much as it does to sit, taking over from the wooden, clean lined furniture that has been so popular over the past few years.

If you’re renovating in 2023 then rounded door frames, curved alcoves and arches are the way to go if you want to be on top of the trends. The gentle curves evoke a sense of old-world grandeur, whilst remaining enticingly friendly at the same time, making them the perfect shape to welcome people into your home with. If you’re thinking of decorating an arched or circular patterned wallpaper can add dimension to a feature wall or get crafty with the paint to either create curvaceous sections to your room or highlight a certain spot. If you’re just wanting want to spruce things up a bit, a circular rug, domed lightshade, or round tabletop are a great way to incorporate the timeless trend.




New Neutrals, Sunset Hues & Seascape

Gone is the grey decade, welcoming in the ‘new neutral’ - think warm beige, light taupe and golden tan. These warm, non-intrusive tones provide a soothing palette that invites warmth and cosiness into any space, which can be livened up with bolder, more uplifting companion colours. Bleached materials will also take centre stage in design offering a lighter wood option that can brighten up any home. As noted earlier, gold is back in a big way, which further parallels the overarching theme of warm tones over cool.

Colour pairings with the new neutrals are vast and fairly easy. However sunset hues seem to be in the foreground, such as rich gold, burnt orange, and soft coral. These colours will give interiors a welcoming and nourishing energy, reminiscent of colours found naturally in the environment, which as with sustainability-chic, is popular because it can improve wellbeing in a home through this connection to nature. Terracotta will become a staple not only in colour but in the use of the material as well.

Echoing colours found in nature takes us onto Seascape, which is all about oceanic hues. Tranquil turquoise, calming blues and soothing greens will turn any space into a spa-like refuge, and this serene, yet rich colour scheme is perfect to embrace fully by implementing on an entire room. Splash out on accessories too such as aqua glass, agate, marble and shell inspired pieces.









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