Exam results are in and fresher’s week is in sight; students around the country are preparing to start or head back to university - Here is our guide to how best to move into your new student pad.

Studying Starts with your AST

It may look like the terms and conditions you’re used to seeing when ordering something online, but do not just click accept, take time to read the whole document…. twice! It WILL literally spell out all your rights and obligations to the property and can save you a lot of stress and hassle in the future if you know what these are. Also remember there is no such thing as a stupid question, so if you don’t understand anything, just ask.

Inventories are for Everyone

The dreaded inventory is most student’s idea of the devil incarnate, with its only purpose to stop you getting your full deposit back. However, a good inventory can be a student’s best friend.
Like with the AST, have a look at your inventory as soon as you get to the property to check for any differences, and if you spot any - take a photo and send it to your landlord or managing agent so the inventory can be updated.

Make your House Feel like a Home

Like many students, this may be your first time away from home which can make moving into a white-washed, empty room feel slightly daunting. Whilst you can’t repaint the walls your favourite shade of Magenta, you can add your own stamp of personality into the room with cushions, mirrors, plants and pictures. Just make sure you check your AST (told you it would be useful!), to know if you are allowed to stick things to the walls or move the furniture around. If you are unsure of anything it’s always best to double-check with the landlord or managing agent.

Explore your Local Area

First things first, find the important things like your closest pub and cheapest take-away that delivers at 3am, you can then start to explore the area further. Take a walk around your neighbourhood to get a general idea of your surroundings, from there you will probably discover your local shop, post box and where to catch the bus to get to Uni. We would also advise finding the most convenient doctors and get yourself registered there, because no one wants to miss lectures due to the dreaded Freshers Flu! Once you’ve settled into your home explore your city or town further, for example here in Bath, the city has plenty of things to offer. Have a read of our blog on the Bath Discovery Card giving you free or discounted entry into many of Bath’s main attractions, and best thing is the card is free! 

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