1.      The countdown is on, only 12 weeks to go until Christmas Day! Whilst 3 months is plenty of time to buy all the presents, get the decorations up and prepare your best cracker joke to blow everyone around the dinner table away. 3 months is not much time at all to sell your home. Now before you start panicking, it is still possible, but you must act now. The good news is the house hunters at this time of year are usually more serious about buying, so whilst you may have fewer viewings, they will probably be more genuine. So, with that in mind, read our top tips to sell your home in time to tell Santa your new address.  

       1.Choose your Agent Wisely

Although it is easy to go online and find the cheapest, 24-hour, estate agent, if they’re not going to be able to sell your home, what is the point of saving £1000? Get at least 3 agents to come and value your home, be honest with them about your expectations, and choose the one that you think will be able to sell your home. A Good agent needs to be enthusiastic, proactive and you have to get on with them well…you will probably be speaking to them a lot during the next 3 months.


2.      2. Price Competitively

Think of pricing as a pyramid- there is the highest price your property could go for at the top of the pyramid, and the lowest acceptable price at the bottom. As you go up, the pyramid gets thinner, which indicates the amount of people that will be able to afford your property, which effects the time it will take to sell. To hit the largest amount of possible interested parties, put your property on the market at a realistic price, this may lead to buyers competing, which often results in offers over asking price.


3.      3. Have a Solicitor Ready

This is vital for a quick sale as a slow solicitor can de-rail the whole process. Ask your estate agent which solicitors they can recommend as they work with them every day. Make sure you let your solicitor know your desired timescales, then everyone can work towards making that happen.


4.       4. Get your Affairs in order

Organise all your paperwork so you have it ready to go at the drop of a hat, this saves valuable time and the stress of having 25 emails to look through all asking for different things. Ask your agent and solicitor ahead of time the things you will need and get them organised. Once you know the proposed completion date book in a moving-firm, as many will have time off over the Christmas break.


5.      5. Present your Best Home

You know the things you love most about your home so make sure they are shown in the best light. First-impressions are vital, so de-clutter, do any touch-ups needed and don’t forget the exterior. Ask your agent who the target-audience is and tailor your home to suit them, you want viewers to walk through the door and be able to imagine it as there home.  


6.       6. Be Flexible

Time is of the essence, so allowing that viewing at 7pm may be the difference between selling your home, or watching the sold board go up outside the house also on the market 2 streets away.

 So, don't delay, give Aquarius Homes a call or an email today, and let us tell you how we are going to secure that sale before the friendly guy, with the white beard, and big red jacket climbs down the wrong chimney. 

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