You’ve spent ages trawling the property portals to find your dream home, worked through the massive slog of paperwork to get it, and its finally time to pick up the keys. Now all that’s left to do is move-in - easy right? Well I’m here to dash you’re dreams and tell you that’s not the case, because no matter how organised you are, the sheer multitude of things you need to update your address on these days is overwhelming. To help out, we’ve compiled a checklist of who you need to inform with your brand spanking new address. 



Even typing out the bullet points below was a bit dull but persevere and get through them as money matters tend to be quite important.

·        Banks/Building society

·         Inland revenue

·        Pension

·        Store cards

·        Accountant

·        Loans

·        Debt collection agencies

·        Stocks

·        Student loan

·        Premium bonds



Changing your address may mean changes to your physical practices depending on your new location. Do this in advance so you don’t experience any delay in any potentially vital services.

·        Doctors

·        Dentist

·        Opticians

·        Health Insurance

·        Life Insurance

·        Prescription Services



These things keep the household running, and although many of the services won’t be affected by the change, they need to be updated for billing purposes – unfortunately!

·        Council tax

·        Buildings insurance

·        Content Insurance

·        TV licence

·        Streaming Services

·        TV provider

·        Mobile Phone

·        Internet provider

·        Landline



The other niggly things that you will need to update your address on.

·        Electoral Roll

·        School/Uni

·        Online courses

·        Travel Insurance

·        Gardener

·        Cleaner/window cleaner

·        Milkman

·        Solicitor

·        Travel Insurance

·        Tenants/managing agent



Many of these will be a no brainer, but sometimes the simplest of things can get lost in the mass of other things we need to think about.

·        Friends & family

·        Employer

·        HMRC

·        Your Will

·        Business Insurance



The most important member(s) of the family in many households can’t be forgotten about – their address is updating too!

·        Vets

·        Microchipping

·        Pet ID tag

·        pet insurance



Because god forbid you miss out on your monthly Domino’s vouchers.

·        Library

·        Gyms/clubs

·        Loyalty cards

·        Takeaways

·        Monthly subscriptions



Make sure you let your providers know the change of your address with plenty of time before your move as it can take up to 48 hours to change the details on your account. It is also a good idea to take a meter reading ready to send over to them, so you get billed correctly. 

·        Gas

·        Electricity

·        Water



Forgetting to update some of this information could result in fines, so it’s not something you want to skip on.  

·        DVLA

·        Logbook (V5C)

·        Breakdown cover

·        Vehicle tax direct debit

·        Car insurance

·        Car finance


If you’ve ticked every box on our checklist you must feel like every man and his dog must now know your new address, but the chances are something will have slipped through the net. To solve this, set up a postal redirection service (usually for 3, 6, or 12 months). Whilst there is a fee, it does mean you won’t miss out on anything important.  Do it in advance as it can take up to 10 days to put in place.

We hope your move went smoothly, and you have many happy times in your new abode. If you would like to find out how we can walk you through your next house move get in touch today.

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